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a little about me
Christy Light; Of course that's not my real last name but it's catchy.
December 1st, Sophmore at F.H.H.S.
I am the nicest person you will ever meet with abit of sacrasm in between.
The glass is half-full. First impressions are vital.
Some say I am very reckless but it takes me places.
I have a positive aura. I can be very direct with you.
You won't ever meet a person like me. I am unique.
Love is... complicated for me.
I'm a musician at heart and a full time student.
I'm not Einstein nor am I a dumbass.
I may be short&look damn innocent, but I can kickass in many ways than one.
Very Manipulative, yet easily swayed with certain things.
Don't ask me about love, I'm not a love doctor.
Don't judge me from a few sentences I put in front of your computer screen, get to know me.
Aim/#: Ask for it! Don't be shy, I won't bite!

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